Mr. Ding Junjun  Ι  Design director

Mr. Ding Junjun graduated from the Department of Art and Design of School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University and he has over 15 years of interior design and project management experience. Since ADSA was founded in 2011, he has been involved in the design and management of showrooms, sales offices, offices, hotels, high-end residences and other projects. The projects include Pu Yue Feng Hua Suzhou,Jing Yue Fu jinan ,RK properties Lake LiHu Yard Wuxi,Great Lake Century Suzhou,Yu Lan Garden Shanghai, Yan Jiang Lan Villa Suzhou,Lan Xi Yuan Suzhou, Bo Jun Changzhou, YingXiang Park Lane Chengdu, Chong De Park Tianjin, Blue and White Kowloon Nanchang. Prior to founding ADSA, Mr. Ding worked as an interior architect at HASSELL, Australia. Where he participated in the completion of many international brand hotel and real estate development projects. After that he worked as a design director in Hong Kong Steve Leung Designers Ltd . Projects have been completed include Shanghai Yingting Villa, Shanghai Yard, Grand Summit Shanghai, The Palace Shanghai, Yanlord on the Park, Yanlord Binhe Bay Chengdu, Yanlord Binhai Center Zhuhai. He is proficient in professional knowledge and master every stage of the project process, from the beginning of the conceptual design, design development to the completion of the final project. He has rich experience in project management and construction processes and processes with excellent design talent,. He is capable of undertaking various types of interior design absolutely.

Ms Yu Jing

Ms. Yu jing graduated from architecture major of tongji university with over 15 years of interior design and project management experience.

Prior to joining ADSA, Ms. Yu served as a senior interior designer in Hong Kong liang zhitian design co., LTD., a deputy design director in Shanghai tianhua interior design co., LTD., and a principal case designer in Shanghai seamless architecture design co., LTD. As the design director of ADSA, she leads the design team to work effectively and collaboratively to create projects that exceed customers’ expectations. Ms. Yu insists on providing professional and high quality service for every client and project.

Ms Jiang Li Jun

Ms. Jiang Lijun, graduated from Shanghai Normal University, majoring in interior design and decoration. She has 16 years of experience in soft decoration interior design. She once served as chief case designer and interior director in many well-known design companies such as TAD and HBA.

Design is good at modern style, dare to break through, innovation, his works contain a strong modern cultural temperament, design method is simple, the atmosphere, at the same time pay attention to the details of the delicate.His works include: Shanghai Pudong Library, Wenzhou Wyndham Hotel, Shanghai Sunchuang Binjiang No.1, Shanghai Jiulong Canglan Palace Villa, Shanghai Star River Bay, Zhuhai Huafa Villa and so on.

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