Company Profile

ADSA is dedicated to comprehensive and professional design services, has many years of project design and management experience, the project types include the model room, sales offices, offices, hotels and high-end residential project.The company’s staff is committed to seeking for the best plan of each project, working hard together with the encouragement of this same objective . We firmly believe that the best design inspiration comes from the open exploration of freedom from the ordinary typed thinking ways and constant pursuit of innovative ideas.

Company Mission

Dedication to the profession and excellence, determines our consistent work attitude – continuous innovation, close cooperation and high standards. In the process, we focus on finding potential factors, dig out a unique architectural order, continue to find, explore, try new expressive ways, trying to pursue the design characteristics and personality. We also pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, art and reality, collect the latest technology consultation, material use, carefully consider every detail, and strive to achieve the greatest degree of original creativity on the basis of satisfying the function.

Company Vision

“Keep developing and Striving Forward” we are constantly improving ourselves, and we always pursue higher goals. While we are making some achievements in advanced model houses, villas, clubs and offices, we pay more attention to corporate image and enterprise advocacy, The way forward in feet , the goal in future, We believe that in the near future, ADSA will be among the international first-class design company.